Sycamore Dinning Table

This was a fun journey; the customer had harvested this sycamore tree from in front of their home and wanted to make a piece of furniture from it. I processed the sycamore trunk into quarter sawn slabs, dried it for 2 years, then milled it into furniture grade lumber.

Utilizing the natural colors of the sap and hardwood I created the outer perimeter from the darker heartwood and the center panels from the lighter sap wood. This trunk also had spalting which provided an extra element of color and uniqueness to the project.

The table is designed with floating center panels to accommodate for expansion and contraction of solid wood. It also features equalizer slides to make adding and removing the leaf of the table simple and fast.

Another company created the custom metal base for the table to compliment this beautiful tabletop. The table was a perfect fit for this customer in the ranch home.